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If you find a lower price at another school for the same online 90 hour package, we will beat their price by 10%! No questions asked!

Congratulations on taking the first step toward obtaining your real estate license. It’s a great time to get into the real estate industry, and you can get started with us today! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about real estate licensing in Illinois and why we are the best educational institution for you.

Difference Between a Broker and an Agent

Unlike other states, Illinois does not have an agent or salesperson license as of 2011. In Illinois, there are Broker and Managing Broker licenses. In order to become what most people call a “real estate agent,” you would need a Broker license. After you have been a Broker for a minimum of two years, you can then apply for a Managing Broker license.

How to get your Real Estate License in Illinois

Getting your real estate license in Illinois is a very straightforward process. First you will need to complete a 90-Hour Prelicensing Package which consists of a 75-Hour Topics Course and a 15-Hour Applied Principles course. Finally, you will need to pass a state licensing exam.

Courses We Offer

At the Real Estate School of Illinois, we are fully licensed and accredited by the state to offer all of the prelicensing courses that you need. We currently offer the full 90 hours of required education in one affordable package. All of our courses are online so you can register and get started at any time. Best of all, we offer this 90-hour package for only $299, which is the lowest price anywhere…GUARANTEED! If you find a lower price for the same online package, we will beat their price by 10%

How are our Prices so Low?

Other schools that charge you more will try to convince you that you have to choose between price and quality when it comes to real estate courses. That is simply not true. Call us crazy, but we don’t think it should cost an arm and a leg to get started in the real estate industry. We provide one of the best educational programs in the state and offer the lowest price anywhere. Don’t believe us? Based on our student feedback, we have one of the highest passing rates in the state and our average student rating is 4.82/5. These numbers speak for themselves.

Online vs. Classroom Course

Every year, more and more people are completing their 90 hours of education through online courses. Our online courses are typically a few hundred dollars less expensive than a classroom course, provide you with the flexibility to complete the coursework from anywhere, 24 hours a day, while still offering you access to our instructors with any questions you may have. With online courses, you can also start whenever you would like and complete the course as fast or as slow as you would like on your own schedule

Does it Matter Which School I Attend?

Yes and no. You will get the same license from the state and you can work for any brokerage in Illinois no matter which school you attend. However, it absolutely matters when it comes to your educational experience. All real estate programs cover the same material, but the delivery of the material will differ from school to school. Most schools will just have you click through thousands of slides or read hundreds of pages and call that your course. We provide a better experience. In addition to reading materials, we also have instructor presentations, exercises, quizzes, practice exams, and webinars included in our package because not every student learns the same way.

Why Us?

We have already covered a lot of the points, but the short answer is we provide the best education at the lowest price. In addition to our low price guarantee, we are one of the few schools to offer the entire 90-hour package online. Our courses were developed by our experienced instructors specifically for the Illinois state exam, unlike other schools that operate nationally and just use the same material for every state. Because of this, we have one of the highest passing rates in the state and an employment guarantee for all of our students. Come experience the difference!

If you are interested in enrolling more than one person in our courses, please contact our office to learn more about our Multiple Enrollment Discount.

“The best decision I made was choosing the Real Estate School of Illinois. I saved $400 and passed the exam on my first attempt.”
Kevin Jackson

“The course was very easy to follow and the staff was incredibly helpful. Highly recommended!”
Diane Herold

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